Hopefully this will answer some of your questions about what has been going on with Donald Ray Cresswell / WorldwideFirearms over the last few years.

by Donald Ray Cresswell - May 2014

The following was taken from an email originally sent to some of the past email contacts of Donald Ray Cresswell / WorldwideFirearms to let them know where we've been, what we've been doing, and future plans. Some told us the email went to their SPAM folder, some email addresses have since changed, and some have asked if they could share this information with others - so we are posting the following here:

Some of you may remember me from a few years ago when I was working as a firearms dealer out of Flora, Mississippi. I worked as Donald Ray Cresswell Firearms Dealer, and also as WorldwideFirearms. I special ordered firearms for customers, sold at gun shows across the state, and sold online to customers or dealers in other states and Canada. Business was good, but eventually I realized being personally licensed as a class 3 firearms dealer put me at much personal liability and risk. So in 2011, I spent several months working with ATF to no longer be personally licensed as an FFL/SOT. I spent the next year or so focusing on my daughter and improving my health - losing weight, lowering my blood pressure and cholesterol. As I was ending my business in Flora, someone approached me with the idea that they would form a company and try to continue some of what I had begun – this would allow me to focus on myself for a while before eventually becoming involved in the new business.

A new business was formed in Gulfport, Mississippi and I tried to support it and encouraged my past customers to buy from the new business. I also allowed the new business to use my websites, and gave them some left over inventory and personal items of mine to sell for me. I had hoped the business would succeed and I might become a part of it in time. Many of my past customers bought from the Gulfport business because I endorsed it when it began. Early on some of my past customers began asking me to help because they were running into problems with the new business. Initially I hoped things would get better, but as I heard from more people and experienced things myself, I began realizing the Gulfport business was not something I wanted to be associated with. I decided I could no longer encourage others to do business with them, and I asked the Gulfport business to stop using my name, as well as any names similar to the WorldwideFirearms brand I had created. I also took back control of my website addresses and tried to get back any remaining items I had allowed them to try to sell for me. I am sorry it was a confusing situation and I am sorry for any inconveniences it may have caused any of you.

So where am I now and why am I trying to reconnect with past customers, vendors, and friends such as yourself? Well, when I closed down the firearms business in 2011, I didn't totally leave the firearms industry. I did stop retail activity and stopped the day-to-day business. But I continued being asked by past customers, firearms dealers and manufacturers to help them with some of their needs and with their NFA / class 3 paperwork. I was also asked to assist as an NFA firearms technical expert on some NFA firearms investigations going on a few years ago. I was also consistently asked when I was going to return full-time to the firearms industry. I’ve continued thinking how to best do that.

A new Nevada corporation was formed at the end of 2013, that will hopefully provide a better legal business structure for the WorldwideFirearms brand. I had thought about having the Nevada corporation licensed as a manufacturer and working on new WorldwideFirearms brand products – but I wasn’t ready to be tied down to a primary physical location. During the last year or so, I've enjoyed being more free to travel and visit various areas and firearms facilities. Currently I am working with firearms manufacturers who are developing products I believe my past civilian, wholesale, law enforcement, and military customers will appreciate - one goal is for WorldwideFirearms to partner and work with manufacturers to bring newer and better products to market.

Donald Ray Cresswell / WorldwideFirearms is a NFA / Class 3 paperwork consultant to the firearms industry.

I bought and sold from a lot of companies and individuals in the past – and continue to have estates, individuals and companies asking me to help them find and buy or sell various firearms and related items. So I am again building and keep lists of who wants what, who might have items for sale, and helping connect buyers and sellers through my websites and by other methods. Please visit the following webpage link to see items currently available -  http://www.worldwidefirearms.com/nfaforsale/nfaforsale.html 

Please let me know if you have current or future needs which I might be able to assist you with. Please let me know what new things you have going on that I might be interested in. I am exploring ways that I can become involved with buyers, sellers, and others throughout the firearms and related industries. I am interested in hearing suggestions, questions, feedback, concerns, etc. I also hope you will visit my website to see more of directions I am going, and please share my name, website and Facebook pages with anyone you might think would be interested.

I am working to update and add more to www.WorldwideFirearms.com and also ask that you visit and “like” and “follow” the Facebook page of WorldwideFirearms, as well as my own personal Facebook page – Donald Ray Cresswell.

Thank you for your time and for reading this long email. If you have time and are interested in interacting with me personally or professionally, please let me know.

For now, email or telephone is the best way to reach me. I closed down the business in Flora in 2011 and stopped seeing customers there. Now I am often on the road visiting new facilities and discovering new places - so please contact me by email DRC@DonaldRayCresswell.com or phone me at 601-208-0030. There are several emails and phone numbers that will reach me. In the case of phone calls, please leave me a message if I don’t answer and I will try to return your call. In the past I had people driving from other states to come and buy from me – but please don’t try that - if you go to Flora looking for me, you probably won't find me there, unless it's one of those days I am running through to pick up a few things, etc. Email or calling is the best way to reach me.  

Some of you may also remember and wonder about my daughter - she will be entering the 3rd grade and turning 9 in a few months. Some of you may remember her as a young child who was often with me - many ask how she is doing - I often post photos of her and things we are doing together on my personal Facebook page: Donald Ray Cresswell. There is also a WorldwideFirearms Facebook page that information about the business can be followed at.

I look forward to trying to work with past and future customers. I also want to network and help match buyers and sellers and others in the local, regional, and national firearms industry. Please email me if you would like to know more as things develop, and also to discuss how we may work together in the future.



Donald Ray Cresswell



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